ECS Announces Publication of Interface Spring 2021 Issue

The ECS Interface spring 2021 issue is now available to read online. This issue marks the 30th volume of the quarterly publication and features the theme: Solid State Aspects of Energy Conversion. Paul A. Maggard, Associate Professor, North Carolina State University’s Department of Chemistry, is our guest editor. Rob Kelly, Interface Editor, would like to give you a first glimpse into our recent issue.

Special Features
Solid State Aspects of Energy Conversion
by Paul A. Maggard

In Search of the “Perfect” Inorganic Semiconductor/Liquid Interface for Solar Water Splitting
by Krishnan Rajeshwar, Paul A. Maggard, and Shaun O’Donnell

Synthesis as a Design Variable for Oxide Materials
by Jack Vaughey, Steve Trask, and Ken Poeppelmeier

Electrodeposition as a Powerful Tool for the Fabrication and Characterization of Next-Generation Anodes for Sodium Ion Rechargeable Batteries
by Nathan J. Gimble,* Kelly Nieto,* and Amy L. Prieto

A Vision for Sustainable Energy: The Center for Hybrid Approaches in Solar Energy to Liquid Fuels (CHASE)
by Jillian L. Dempsey, Catherine M. Heyer, and Gerald J. Meyer

Technical Articles
Newman and Balsara on Electrochemical Systems Fourth Edition
by Frances Chaves

Free Radicals: Winner Takes All
by Krishnan Rajeshwar

Looking at Patent Law: Patenting a Solid State Lithium-Metal Battery – A Case Study
by E. Jennings Taylor and Maria Inman

Issue Highlights
2020 Year in Review

The ECS Community on Adapting, Advancing, and Overcoming the Pandemic
by Frances Chaves

Community News: Society News, People News, Section News, Student News

Highlights of the 239th ECS Meeting with IMCS 18

Call for Papers: 240th ECS Meeting

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Please enjoy the full issue of Interface here.

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