Introducing the ECS Pacific Northwest Section

The ECS Board of Directors chartered a new ECS section on October 16, 2020. With the addition of the ECS Pacific Northwest Section, the Society now hosts over 24 region-specific sections providing opportunities for regional scientists and engineers to connect with researchers and participate in various events. Jie Xiao, ECS Fellow and Battery Division Secretary, took the lead in chartering the section and now serves as its chair.

The ECS Pacific Northwest Section seeks to connect all interested parties from academia, industry, and government, and bridge a scientific gap while providing networking opportunities that could lead to new developments—and help members advance their careers. The section serves all of the universities and national labs in Washington State, Idaho, and Oregon. Xiao believes the section will bolster the growth of the electrochemistry and solid state science fields in the Pacific Northwest.

The ECS Pacific Northwest Section has 42 members. The officers are:

  • Chair – Dr. Jie Xiao, Pacific Northwest National Labs
  • Vice Chair – Prof. Corie Cobb, University of Washington
  • Secretary – Dr. Yun Li,  Microsoft Corporation
  • Treasurer – Prof. Shannon Boettcher, University of Oregon

The section, which is just getting started. has ambitious plans for the future. Xiao proposes two events per year, quarterly seminars, and an industry day where attendees can look for jobs in electrochemistry. The section executive committee hopes to promote extensive interaction and collaboration between researchers, and increase student and researcher interest in and involvement with the electrochemical community. Membership in the Pacific Northwest section is free.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the ECS Community Engagement Department at


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