Eleven new student chapters in Canada, China, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, UK, and US were chartered at the ECS Board of Directors May 30 meeting, bringing the total number of chapters around the world to 147! 

Join us in welcoming the new chapters into our supportive, global community. (more…)

The ECS Board of Directors chartered a new ECS section in Thailand at their May 30, 2024, meeting. With the addition of the ECS Thailand Section, the Society now hosts over 25 region-specific sections providing opportunities for regional scientists and engineers to connect with researchers and participate in various events.

The ECS Thailand Section is the only designated entity in Thailand supporting electrochemical professionals and students. With the expansion of renewable energy, sustainability, and interest in the field of electrochemistry and solid state science, the section is eager to recruit members, support this growing community, and promote ECS activities. (more…)

Left to right: Zhengke Tu, Fadi Khoury, and Carol-Lynn Gee (Photo by PaulSakuma.com Photography)

Congratulations to Fadi Khoury, Zhengke Tu, and Carol-Lynn Gee, winners of the 245th ECS Meeting Z01 General Student Poster Session Awards. Over 200 posters were submitted! Please take a moment to celebrate all the Z01 participants’ excellent work! (more…)

Raffle winners celebrate with ECS President Gerardine Botte. From left to right: Thomas Turek, Hui Xu, Gerardine Botte, Ching-Hsiu Chung, and Sadagopan Krishnan. (Photo by PaulSakuma.com Photography)

ECS members met, mingled, and had a great time at the 245th ECS Meeting Member Reception on Sunday, May 26, in San Francisco, CA. There was a lot of networking, catching up with old friends, making new ones, enjoying the delicious appetizers—and of course, the open bar! (more…)

Minji Kim

Minji Kim

The Society and ECS Korea Section congratulate the 2024 Korea Section Student Award winner, Minji Kim. The award recognizes Minji’s significant contributions to elucidating the degradation mechanisms of cathode materials in lithium ion batteries.

Join us in congratulating Minji! We wish her continued success in her electrochemistry and solid state science studies and research.

Minji Kim

Minji Kim is enrolled in the integrated Energy Science and Engineering MS and PhD program at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), where she started in the fall of 2018. Her research under Professor Won-Sub Yoon’s supervision at the SKKU Energy Conversion & Storage Materials Laboratory (ECSML) focuses on analyzing the capacity degradation mechanisms of cathode materials for lithium ion batteries using synchrotron x-ray. Her investigation of capacity degradation during long-term high-temperature cycles in a pouch full cell system, employing commercial Ni-rich layered cathode materials and graphite anode materials, was published in 2023 in Advanced Energy Materials (13, 41, 2302209). Minji also conducts ongoing research on various mechanisms of both commercial cathode materials and next-generation cathode materials, including Li-rich disordered materials. (more…)

Apply NOW for the 245th ECS Meeting in San Francisco

Why you should apply to be a Student Ambassador at the 245th ECS Meeting from May 26-30 in San Francisco, CA: (more…)

244th Z01 General Student Poster Session Award Winners

244th Z01 General Student Poster Session Award Winners (from left to right): Gianmarco Gabrieli, Amina Lahrichi, and Ho Lun Chan. Photo courtesy of Marie Ullnert, Happy Visuals

Among the many exciting symposia and activities planned for PRiME 2024—a joint international meeting of The Electrochemical Society (ECS), ECS Japan Section (ECSJ), and the Korean Electrochemical Society (KECS)—the General Student Poster Competition stands out as a unique opportunity for student authors to showcase their research and vie for prestigious awards. The competition, which takes place from 1800-2000h on Tuesday, October 8, 2024, at the Hawaiian Convention Center in Honolulu, promises to be a highlight of the conference.

Eligibility Criteria

The General Student Poster Competition is an excellent platform for student authors to present their research findings. To participate, students are required to: (more…)

Topic close-up #12

244th Z01 General Student Poster Session Award Winners

244th Z01 General Student Poster Session Award Winners (from left to right): Gianmarco Gabrieli, Amina Lahrichi, and Ho Lun Chan. Photo courtesy of Marie Ullnert, Happy Visuals

Symposium: Z01—General Student Poster Session

For more information on 245th ECS Meeting symposia, consult additional topic close-ups.

Deadline for submitting abstracts:
December 1, 2023
Submit today!

Symposium focus: Supported by all ECS divisions, the General Student Poster Session exists to stimulate active student interest and participation in ECS as well as to promote work in both electrochemical and solid state science. Graduate and undergraduate students can use this forum to share research results of general interest to the ECS community while refining their presentation skills and building their professional network. (more…)

Dr. John Muldoon

Dr. John Muldoon

Join the ECS San Diego Student Chapter and the ECS San Francisco Section for Dr. John Muldoon’s November 17, 2023, presentation, “An Odyssey Through the Uncharted Waters of Post Lithium-Ion Batteries.” 


Advanced energy storage technologies such as lithium-ion batteries have enabled the development of ubiquitous portable electronic devices and are critical to the development and widespread adoption of practical electric vehicles. While lithium-ion batteries represent the most advanced energy storage technology currently available commercially, the desire for significant improvement in energy density and cost has led to a strong interest in so-called “beyond lithium-ion” batteries such as sodium, lithium-air, lithium-sulfur, multivalent batteries, and solid-state batteries. In this talk, I guide you on an odyssey toward post li-ion batteries. We travel through the peaks and valleys of multivalent, lithium-sulfur, and all-solid-state batteries. (more…)

The ECS Board of Directors approved the chartering of five new student chapters at their October 12, 2023, meeting. The Society continues welcoming new student chapters into our supportive, global community, bringing the total number of chapters around the world to 136! 


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