Electrodeposition Division Launches Logo Design Competition

Centennial Celebration Logo Design

This year, ELDP marks 100 years since its founding with a Centennial Celebration. The Early Career Forum invites all ELDP division members to submit designs for a “100 years of the Electrodeposition Division Logo.” The division’s Executive Committee will review submissions and choose the best idea. The logo will feature prominently in all ELDP symposia at the 242nd ECS Meeting in Atlanta, GA, from October 9-13, 2022.

If you have a good idea:

  • Submit your logo design via email to Dr-Ing. René Böttcher (rene.boettcher@tu-ilmenau.de)
  • Submission file format: EPS or PNG (300 dpi resolution)
  • Submission deadline is August 31, 2022

ELDP Early Career Forum members connect with other early career researchers over sushi at the 242nd ECS Meeting in Vancouver, Canada.

About the ECS ELDP Early Career Forum

The ECS Electrodeposition Division (ELDP) launched the Early Career Forum (ECF) to bring together PhD/MSc students, postdocs, and starting assistant professors or young professionals from all over the world doing research in electroless and electrochemical deposition and related fields. Today’s early career researchers are tomorrow’s experts in their respective fields. Some are in the process of writing their BSc or MSc thesis or PhD dissertation. Sometimes the research work tends to be intricate and lacks the right idea or approach to answer a particular question and achieve the desired progress. It helps to exchange knowledge, discuss ideas, and develop new strategies with other researchers at this point. The ECF aims to be a platform for the regular exchange of ideas, including short talks and open discussion sessions, allowing members to benefit from the experience of other early career researchers. The format is similar to the ECS Student Chapters but on an international level.

ECF members met in person at the 241st ECS Meeting to discuss current challenges, and identify other interested early career researchers. In this way, ECF served to facilitate communication and networking.

ECF thrives on the participation of early career researchers. We call for interested and committed people interested in participating in the organization and providing content for our events. If you are interested in being a part of the ELDP Early Career Forum or want to learn more about it, do not hesitate to contact Dr‑Ing. René Böttcher (rene.boettcher@tu-ilmenau.de).

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