Focus Issue on Electrochemical Separations and Sustainability

Call for Papers

Image prepared by and courtesy of Tanmay Kulkarni, Mario V. Ramos-Garcés, and Christopher G. Arges

The Journal of The Electrochemical Society is publishing a focus issue in connection with the 240th ECS Meeting symposium on Electrochemical Separations and Sustainability 4.

Electrochemical separations can recover or harvest value products at high purity and efficiency, as well as contribute technologies for environmental management and cleanup. These innovative processes become extremely meaningful when integrated with sustainable resources and renewable energy. The current focus issue intends to address fundamental topics as well as modern applications of electrochemical separation technologies.  

Electrochemical separations have received renewed attention due to growing challenges in energy, environment, and sustainability.  Now the electrochemical separation has been applied in many important areas including gas purification, critical materials recovery, environmental remediation, desalination, and materials recycling. Therefore, it is great timing to have this focus issue to summarize the progress and provide perspective for the future. This topic covers from fundamental electrochemical principles behind separations, to a range of applications.

This virtual issue focuses on papers covering the following topics:

  • Electrochemical separation mechanisms and fundamentals;
  • Electrochemical separation modeling;
  • Gas separation for ultra-pure H2, O2, CO2, etc.;
  • Sea and brackish desalination technologies;
  • Wastewater remediation;
  • Energy materials (e.g., fuel cell and battery) recycling;
  • Rare earth element recovery and harvest from mining tale;
  • Valuable materials (e.g., Li) from seawater;
  • Electrochemical synthesis-separation synergy;
  • Integration of electrochemical separation with renewable energy;
  • Other technologies relevant to electrochemical separation.

Interested authors may submit review, critical review, perspective, methods, communication, and original research articles.

Accepting Submissions: November 5, 2021 | Submission Deadline: March 21, 2022

(When submitting, indicate that the paper is intended for the Focus Issue on Electrochemical Separations and Sustainability)

Guest Editors

Hui Xu, Giner Inc., U.S. |
Gerri Botte, Texas Tech University, U.S. |
Gang Wu, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, U.S. |;
Alice Suroviec, Berry College, U.S. |
Christopher Arges, Pennsylvania State University, U.S. |
Xiao Su, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, U.S. |

Technical Editor

John Harb, Brigham Young University, U.S. |

Associate Editor

John Staser, Ohio University, U.S. |


Robert Savinell, Case Western Reserve University, U.S. |

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