ECS Announces Publication of Interface Fall 2022 Issue

Lithium-Ion Batteries and their Impact on Our Lives

Special issue focuses on lithium-ion batteries and their impact on our lives

The ECS Interface fall 2022 issue is now available to read online. The issue is guest edited by Gary M. Koenig Jr. and Nian Liu.

As always, Interface Editor Rob Kelly invites you to enjoy the issue’s special features and news.

Special Features

Lithium-Ion Batteries and their Impact on our Lives
by Gary M. Koenig Jr. and Nian Liu

Batteries in Service of Human Health
by Esther S. Takeuchi, David C. Bock, Lisa M. Housel, Amy C. Marschilok, and Kenneth J. Takeuchi

Electric Vehicle Batteries: Past, Present, and Future
by Dennis A. Corrigan

Next-Generation Aviation Li-Ion Battery Technologies—Enabling Electrified Aircraft
by Thomas P. Barrera, James R. Bond, Marty Bradley, Rob Gitzendanner, Eric C. Darcy, Michael Armstrong, and Chao-Yang Wang

Issue Highlights 

Tech Highlights
by Joshua Gallaway, David McNulty, Chao (Gilbert) Liu, Zenghe Liu, Chock Karuppaiah, Donald Pile

Highlights of the 241st ECS Meeting

On the Relationship Between h-Index and Citations
by Ahmet Kusoglu

Free Radicals Random Connections: Spices and Interfaces
by Krishnan Rajeshwar

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