June 22 & 29 DOE AMO Virtual Workshops Focus on Electrochemistry in Industry

ECS member Vimal Chaitanya presents on June 29

Don’t miss the two remaining virtual U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) workshops on Electrochemistry in Industry Applications and Innovation Ecosystem. Join participants from academia, National Labs, industry, and NGO’s sharing their expertise, insights, and vision to help shape government policy regarding electrochemical processes across the U.S. industrial sector. Or, be a listener and learn how adopting electrochemical technologies and strategies could substantially improve the performance of the industrial sector (i.e., energy productivity; thermal efficiency; reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; reduced number of process steps and process complexity; opportunities for technology development to accelerate commercial deployment).

AMO’s workshop goals
  • Discuss and explore recent advances in electrochemistry that could be applied to metal production, chemical manufacturing and refining, and separation/extraction processes.
  • Prioritize the technical areas that AMO funding could have the greatest impact on manufacturing, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas emission reduction.
  • Build the connection between academic advances in electrochemical technology and industrial application.
Tuesday, June 22, 1300-1600h ET

Plenary Topic
Potential applications of electrochemistry in industry and their impacts

Breakout Topic
Identify challenges to deploying EChem in industry and technology development needs

Tuesday, June 29, 1300-1600h ET

Plenary Topic
Discussion of the innovation ecosystem and enabling technologies

Breakout Topic
Identify opportunities to improve the innovation ecosystem for electrochemistry advancement

Vimal Chaitanya

June 29 workshop presentation

Topic: Current Workforce Development Challenges and ECS Plans to Meet this Need

Dr. Chaitanya, Professor and Director of Manufacturing & System Research Programs at the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, New Mexico State University, will deliver a presentation on behalf of the Society and ECS Education Committee at the June 29 workshop. A breakout session on education and workforce development follows with discussion on understanding the needs in education and workforce development from the DOE perspective, how these impact technology development and implementation, and what type of programs would address these needs.

Dr. Chaitanya joined ECS in 1998. A long-standing member of the ECS Education Committee, he chairs the ECS Summer Fellowship Subcommittee, a group that selects ECS Summer Fellowship and Colin Garfield Fink Fellowship recepients. He is a member of the ECS Dielectric Science and Technology Division and the ECS Arizona Section.


Past workshop topics

  • The connection between electrochemistry and DOE objectives and what current work is in this space (June 15)
  • Attendees’ hopes and objectives for the workshop (June 15)
  • State of the art in electrochemistry and how it is being applied in the manufacturing space today (June 17)
  • Potential applications for EChem in industry (June 17)

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