Leadership Collection Honors Chung Chiun Liu

ECS is pleased to announce that, thanks to a $20,000 donation, the 2018 volume of the Journal of The Electrochemical Society has been named in honor of ECS fellow Chung Chiun Liu.

The Chung Chiun Liu Leadership Collection will contain all of the content published in JES volume 165.

Liu is the Wallace R. Persons Professor of Sensor Technology & Control at Case Western Reserve University. He has been an ECS member for over 50 years. During this time, he has given many oral presentations and organized several symposia for Society meetings. He has also received the 2008 ECS Sensor Division Outstanding Achievement Award and many other accolades.

Learn more about Liu.

What are ECS leadership collections?

ECS leadership collections are journal volumes named through fundraising gifts. They commemorate the contributions and legacies of distinguished leaders throughout the Society’s history.

The 15 leadership collections currently designated in the ECS Digital Library are listed below.

Chung Chiun Liu Collection (JES volume 165, 2018)
Robert F. Savinell Collection (JES volume 162, 2015)
Paul A. Kohl Collection (JES volume 161, 2014)
William Brown Collection (JES volume 158, 2011)
Battery Division Collection (JES volume 146, 1999)
K. M. Abraham Collection (JES volume 143, 1996)
James Amick Collection (JES volume 142, 1995)
Robert Frankenthal Collection (JES volume 141, 1994)
Wayne Worrell Collection (JES volume 140, 1993)
Larry Faulkner Collection (JES volume 139, 1992)
E. Jennings Taylor Collection (JES volume 138, 1991)
Frederick Strieter Collection (JES volume 130, 1983)
Ralph Brodd Collection (JES volume 129, 1982)
Dennis Turner Collection (JES volume 126, 1979)
Charles W. Tobias Collection (JES volume 118, 1971)

Create a new leadership collection

Do you know an ECS leader who deserves to be recognized with a leadership collection? Creating an ECS leadership collection is an extraordinary way to celebrate a colleague or mentor while simultaneously advancing the Free the Science initiative.

There are plenty of past journal volumes yet to be named. If you would like to dedicate a journal volume, please be sure to select a volume that hasn’t already been chosen.

If you are interested in creating a leadership collection, or would like more information about these collections, please contact development@electrochem.org.

ECS is grateful for the generosity of the donors who make these collections possible.


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