Plan for a New Career in the New Year

Kick start the new year with a new career opportunity! Take the first step and update your resume/CV on The Electrochemical Society Career Center. An eye tracking study showed that recruiters spend about seven seconds reviewing a resume. So be sure your resume grabs their attention!

Here are five reasons for updating your resume/CV, even if you’re not actively looking for a job.

  1. Highlight your achievements. When you’re in the thick of day-to-day work, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come and in which areas you’ve developed. List new skills or big accomplishments to recognize your professional growth.
  2. Understand what makes you happy. Review the varied experiences you’ve had in your career and ask what makes you thrive. Do you like a fast-paced environment; working on a team or independently; what is your preferred work culture? This helps you understand what to look for when you’re searching for that next opportunity.
  3. Recognize your strengths. The more your work targets your strengths, the happier and more productive you will be in your career. Reviewing your resume allows you to reflect on your strengths so you can find an opportunity that lets you shine.
  4. Review your resume at a high level. See where you’d like to go in your career path by examining your resume like a blueprint. Do you have the skills and experience needed to advance your career? What is the next step to reach that goal?
  5. Always be ready for that next opportunity. Even if you are a passive job seeker, having an up-to-date resume/CV might open the door for that perfect opportunity to find you. Employers search the ECS Career Center Resume Bank. Don’t let them pass on you because your resume is outdated.


Whether or not you’re currently looking for a job, start the New Year with a new or updated resume. Sign in and update your resume today!


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