NGenE 2022 Focuses on Decarbonization

Applications due May 1, 2022

ECS is proud to sponsor, with the National Science Foundation, the 7th Annual Next Generation Electrochemistry meeting, taking place in person from June 6-10, 2022, at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Some events will be digital, as well. Program information is available here.

Students selected to partake

NGenE selects up to 40 advanced graduate students and postdocs from around the country to partake in an intense weeklong summer workshop that explores advanced topics in electrochemistry. They spend five days with 10 distinguished researchers and lecturers to identify and elaborate on the most important unsolved electrochemical research challenges. They approach these questions through lectures and discussions, research project planning, mentoring, site visits, and demonstrations. The program takes place at the University of Illinois at Chicago, with a day trip to Argonne National Laboratory for lectures and demonstrations of the Advanced Photon Source and the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research’s Electrochemical Discovery Laboratory.

Program priorities

The program prioritizes: 1) the discussion of unsolved challenges in electrochemistry that the coming generations will need to address, and 2) the identification of representative innovative, forward-looking multi-modal experiments, theory, and simulation to solve them.

Student Research Projects

Participants are active players during NGenE. Working in teams, they choose one of the top unsolved challenges in electrochemistry and then develop a scientific program to solve the problem through innovative experiments and theory. On the final day of the program, each team presents its findings before their peers and a set of expert judges.

Cost and Support 

NGenE is free to attend. There is no program fee. Accepted participants receive support to travel to/from Chicago and free on-campus lodging. NGenE also provides some meals.

Program information and applications

Consult the NGenE webpage for here.


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