Discovering New Talent at PRiME 2024 General Student Poster Competition

244th Z01 General Student Poster Session Award Winners

244th Z01 General Student Poster Session Award Winners (from left to right): Gianmarco Gabrieli, Amina Lahrichi, and Ho Lun Chan. Photo courtesy of Marie Ullnert, Happy Visuals

Among the many exciting symposia and activities planned for PRiME 2024—a joint international meeting of The Electrochemical Society (ECS), ECS Japan Section (ECSJ), and the Korean Electrochemical Society (KECS)—the General Student Poster Competition stands out as a unique opportunity for student authors to showcase their research and vie for prestigious awards. The competition, which takes place from 1800-2000h on Tuesday, October 8, 2024, at the Hawaiian Convention Center in Honolulu, promises to be a highlight of the conference.

Eligibility Criteria

The General Student Poster Competition is an excellent platform for student authors to present their research findings. To participate, students are required to:

  • Submit an abstract to Z01—General Student Poster Session.

  • Be accepted for inclusion in the session.

  • Upload a digital poster file in advance of the meeting. Full instructions on how to do this are provided closer to the meeting date.

  • Be physically present during the in-person judging session on Tuesday, October 8.


Submitting a digital version of your poster prior to the meeting allows judges to engage with the research in a preliminary round of judging.

The in-person judging session, when students interact with judges and fellow attendees, is at the heart of the General Student Poster Competition. This session adds a dynamic element to the competition, allowing participants to discuss their work, answer questions, and receive valuable feedback.


To recognize the outstanding contributions of student authors, the General Student Poster Competition features three prize categories:

1st Place: $1,500 Award

2nd Place: $1,000 Award

3rd Place: $500 Award

These prizes acknowledge students’ hard work and dedication and serve as a testament to the quality and significance of their research in the field of electrochemistry and solid state science.


Take the chance to present your work, engage with experts in the field, and compete for prestigious awards. Submit your abstracts to the Z01 – General Student Poster Session to gain valuable experience and recognition within the global electrochemical science community. Visit the ECS General Student Poster Session Awards webpage to learn more.

The deadline to submit abstracts for PRiME 2024 is April 12, 2024.

Submit today!

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