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Present your research to the world by publishing with The Electrochemical Society’s (ECS) flagship journals, Journal of The Electrochemical Society (JES) and the ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology (JSS).

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Since 1902, ECS has been at the forefront of publishing electrochemical and solid state science and technology research. For 118 years, the Society has been publishing high quality, peer reviewed journals that contain the work of renowned scientists, engineers, investors, and Nobel laureates. Now, more than ever, this is a great opportunity to submit your perspective, review, and communication articles for publication. 


Perspective article

A perspective article is a brief article of 4,000 words or less, excluding references, that offers insightful assessment of, and directions for, new, developing, or established fields. They tap into the expertise of researchers, giving you a platform to present thoughts on the field and offer new insight or trends, and allow you to reach a broader audience and spark discussion in the scientific community. Download the template

Review article

A review article sums up the current state of understanding on a particular topic, as opposed to a research article, which reports on original research. You should search for everything relevant to the topic and organize the results into a coherent view, and cover the main researchers in the field, recent advances and discoveries, current debates, significant gaps in the research, and provide an indication of likely future directions for the field.

Communication article

A communication article is a brief article or report of 2,500 words or less, excluding references, that describes impactful research that has not yet been fully analyzed, but will substantially benefit the electrochemical or solid state community. When submitting your manuscript, you should concisely describe the high impact of the research and explain why early dissemination is ideal. Download the template


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