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ECS at 115

“The Society could not help but to come into existence.”
– Joseph Richards, 1st ECS president

This spring, The Electrochemical Society will be 115 years old.

A 115th anniversary is not a milestone that normally warrants celebration but today, more than ever, we need to support science, scientists, and the core values that make our community strong.

For over a century ECS has adhered to the principles expressed by Joseph Richards, the Society’s first president, in the Transactions introduction from the Society’s first meeting:

The Society’s functions should be those of:

  • bringing electrochemists into personal contact with each other;
  • of disseminating among them all the information known to, and which can be shared by, their co-workers;
  • stimulate original thought in these lines by mutual interchange of experience, and by papers and discussions;
  • stimulate electrochemical work all over the world by publishing the news of what is being done here.

It’s a great matter of pride to say ECS has been vigorously carrying out these functions for 115 years and we will continue to advocate for our community and its work for years to come.

Now is the time to support ECS by making a donation or becoming a member today. Support the next generation of scientists, our lively and substantive meeting programs, and ECS’s initiative to Free the Science that aims to make our high quality, peer-reviewed research freely available to everyone.

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