Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, governments, universities, and businesses have pivoted to remote classrooms and workplaces for everyone’s safety. Out of necessity, students and faculty have rapidly adapted to online teaching and learning to finish the spring term—but recreating the lab experience remotely has been more challenging. Beyond academia, the lockdowns have disrupted researchers in government and industry labs, negatively impacting timelines and objectives. At the same time, the challenges that the solid state and electrochemical sciences are tackling have not gone away, leading to more stress and frustration. (more…)

It’s Personal … And Professional

Using Social Media To Connect With Your Professional Community

Social media is a great way to boost your visibility as a serious student of solid state and electrochemical science, learn about important developments and key players in the field, build your ECS Student Chapter, and launch/navigate your career.

When you engage on social media as a professional, your membership in ECS’s unique community gives you a springboard. You can employ ECS’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube channels to build your network, share valuable research you discover, and help share ECS news. When you publish research, social media is a great tool for enhancing the discovery of your paper, and research indicates that social sharing increases the likelihood of citations and replications.

Here are some tips to help you effectively promote your professional self, your ECS Student Chapter, and your work on social media: (more…)