aj-bard-cardYes, we’ve actually made electrochemical and solid state science themed trading cards.

At the 227th ECS Meeting in Chicago this May, we will be introducing our first set of Official ECS Major League Trading Cards featuring some of the greatest scientists in ECS related fields. This first batch of 50 includes some of the biggest movers and shakers in the field, past and present.

We are looking to give electrochemical and solid state science a wider exposure. Through these ECS cards, we hope to disseminate knowledge in an accessible and entertaining way.

With all of the amazing scientists in the field pioneering groundbreaking developments, it was hard for us to narrow our selection down to just 50. We hope to continue producing these cards—allowing us to highlight all of these incredible scientists.

Allen J. Bard

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While you’ll have to collect and trade to get your hands on all 50 (they come in packs of 10), everyone attending the plenary session at the 227th Meeting will get his or her very own Allen J. Bard card in celebration of the first ever award presented in his name.

Want a set for yourself? Find us in Chicago and grab a pack. (Sorry, there’s no bubble gum included.)

Know who should be in the next batch? Give us your thoughts in the comments.