Webinar: CEI’s Open Access Facilities & Emerging Tools for Battery Science

Presenter: Dr. Daniel (Dan) T. Schwartz
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Date: April 8, 2021
Time: 1000h PT / 1300h ET

This is the second in the ECS Pacific Northwest Section quarterly webinar series.

The Clean Energy Institute has developed open access facilities that are available to all, with user onboarding that goes from first contact to active use within a week. External users of the facilities, known as the Washington Clean Energy Testbeds, come from all over the world to access our staff expertise and state-of-the-art equipment for building scaled-up energy devices and processes, characterizing materials, and evaluating system integration issues. External users operate under a nondisclosure agreement that protects their intellectual property from university entanglement. We take a deeper dive into how lab-scale operando XANES (x-ray absorption near edge structures) and other established and emerging electrochemical approaches are used to glean scientific insights from whole-battery cells that might, normally, be thought to require half-cell experiments or a trip to a synchrotron. The use of physics-based models is shown to be a key part of the Schwartz group’s approach to disaggregating half-cell information from whole-cell experiments.


Benefits of attending the webinar

Learn about:

  • A different lens than the materials paradigm that typically underpins battery research;
  • Facilities you can be using, including instruments such as advance lab-scale x-ray spectroscopies for experiments such as operando XANES;
  • Scale-up facilities for coating, printing, processing, and packaging of thin film devices, and hardware/power hardware-in-the-loop for power electronics and system integration engineering.
Dr. Daniel (Dan) Schwartz

Dr. Daniel (Dan) SchwartzDr. Daniel (Dan) Schwartz is Boeing-Sutter Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of the Clean Energy Institute at the University of Washington (UW), US. He joined UW in 1991 after completing his PhD at the University of California, Davis, US, and a postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Schwartz is heavily engaged in The Electrochemical Society. An ECS Fellow and two-time student fellowship recipient, he received the ECS Henry B. Linford Award for Distinguished Teaching (2010) and ECS Electrodeposition Division Research Award (2015). Schwartz drafted the guidelines for creating ECS Student Chapters when he served as Chair of the Council of Sections in the late 1990s. He is especially proud of being recognized by the White House with a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring for his interdisciplinary training of graduate students.

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