Energy Technology Division Research Award

Nomination period: March 15 – June 15, annually
Presented: ECS spring meeting, annually

The Electrodeposition Division Research Award was established in 1979 to recognize outstanding research contributions to the field of electrodeposition and encourage the publication of high quality papers in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society (JES).

Eligibility criteria
  • Has made some recent outstanding achievement in, or contribution to, the field of electrodeposition.
  • Is authors or co-authors of a paper or papers (one of which must have appeared in the Journal of Electrochemistry (JES) or another ECS publication) reporting this new achievement.
  • Patent literature may also be considered as supporting evidence if the achievement has been the subject of letters of patent.
Nomination guidelines

A complete nomination packet includes:

  • Electronic Nomination Form;
  • Nomination cover letter stating research interests and accomplishments;
  • Candidate’s CV, including a complete publications list;
  • Three letters of recommendation;
  • Copies of six representative publications and/or patents that provide evidence of research
  • Accomplishments.

Judgement of the importance and significance of the achievement or contribution is based on the paper(s) where it is reported. Paper(s) considered are distinguished by:

  • Originality of experiment design concept;
  • Scientific excellence demonstrated by experimental thoroughness, theoretical treatment, and logic of conclusions;
  • Clarity of presentation;
  • Overall importance of the contribution to fundamental and/or applied aspects of electrodeposition.

Unsuccessful nominations are considered for one additional award cycle.

Electrodeposition Division Research Award Committee members may not submit nominations or letters of support during their terms of service.


The award consists of:

  • Scroll;
  • USD $2,000.

If the award is given jointly to two or more co-recipients, each recipient receives a duplicate citation. The cash award remains unchanged and is divided equally among the award recipients.


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Adam Weber
Vito Di Noto
Bryan Pivovar
Paul Kenis
Plamen Atanassov
Yushan Yan
Hubert Gasteiger
Thomas Zawodzinski
Rodney Borup

James Fenton
Piotr Zelenay
Not awarded
Claude Lévy-Clément
John Weidner
Karim Zaghib
Krishnan Rajeshwar
Jai Prakash
Thomas F. Fuller
R. Adzic
Y. K. Sun

S. Licht
K. Kanamura
K. Kinoshita
A. Nozik
J. R. Selman
I. Uchida
A. W. Czanderna
R. Kunz
S. Srinivasan
M. W. Verbrugge