Energy Technology Division Research Award

The Energy Technology Division Research Award was established in 1992 to encourage excellence in energy related research and to encourage publication in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society. The award recognizes outstanding and original contributions to the science and technology of energy related research areas that include scientific and technological aspects of fossil fuels and alternative energy sources, energy management and environmental consequences of energy utilization.

Although this award is not limited to any particular age group, its primary purpose is to develop interest in energy related science and technology among the younger electrochemists. The definition of the field of interest covered by the Research Award is “that area of electrochemical knowledge which deals with the mechanisms, theory, materials, design, operation, control and application of devices that contribute to the understanding and applications of energy related technologies.”

Nomination Deadline: September 1, annual
Presented: Spring meeting, annual

Recipient qualifications

The recipient(s) will have made an outstanding achievement in, or scientific contribution to, the science and technology of energy related scientific research as authors or coauthors of a paper or papers. At least one of which must have appeared in the Journal or other ECS publications. As supporting evidence the patent literature also may enter into consideration.

  • originality of concept and design of experiments
  • thoroughness of the experimental approach
  • the theoretical treatment
  • logic of the conclusions
  • clarity of presentation
  • the overall importance of the contribution to the fundamental and/or applied aspects of energy related science and technologies

It is the intent of the research award to recognize recent achievements or contributions to the field that can be expected to have an impact on future research and development. Because the significance of the work may become more evident with time, consideration may be given to papers that have appeared as much as ten years prior to the May 1 of the award year. Nominees from the previous two years should also be reconsidered. Self-nominations are permitted.


The award consists of a scroll, a $2,000 prize and membership in the Energy Technology Division for as long as the recipient maintains Society membership. If the award is made jointly to two or more coauthors, each coauthor will receive all mentioned items. The recipient(s) will all be asked to present a lecture to the Energy Technology Division at the designated meeting where the award is presented.

Past recipients

Paul Kenis
Plamen Atanassov
Yushan Yan
Hubert Gasteiger
Thomas Zawodzinski
Rodney Borup
James Fenton
Piotr Zelenay
Not awarded
Claude Lévy-Clément
John Weidner
Karim Zaghib
Krishnan Rajeshwar
Jai Prakash
Thomas F. Fuller

R. Adzic
Y. K. Sun
S. Licht
K. Kanamura
K. Kinoshita
A. Nozik
J. R. Selman
I. Uchida
A. W. Czanderna
R. Kunz
S. Srinivasan
M. W. Verbrugge