Doron Aurbach

Collaborating with open minds

Since joining the Society in 1983, Doron Aurbach has built a community of researchers that have impacted him both personally and professionally.

As a young researcher, Aurbach did his postdoctoral studies under Ernest Yeager, a prominent name in electrochemistry and past ECS president (1965-1966). Aurbach joined Yeager’s lab in 1983, where he was immediately introduced to ECS, joining the Society that very same year and attending his first ECS conference.

“I knew ECS was a very good scientific society with a good atmosphere,” Aurbach said. “The Society provides a lot of opportunities and there are thousands of scientists all over the world affiliated with ECS, which allows you to collaborate with many open minds.”

As Aurbach grew in his career, became a professor at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, ECS continued to serve as his professional home. He is currently a technical editor of the Journal of The Electrochemical Society, was named ECS fellow in 2008, and won the ECS Allen J. Bard Award in 2016. Additionally, he has mentored over 50 PhD and 70 MSc students, many of whom are part of the ECS community.