Gerald Frankel

My technical home

Over the years, some of the most innovative companies have been reflected in the ECS community. At its height, Bell Labs and the company’s researchers found a natural home in ECS, gaining the ability to establish essential relationships and bolster research through collaboration. Key ECS members like Frank Biondi, Robert M. Burns, Kathryn R. Bullock, Adam Heller, and N. Bruce Hannay all found themselves with roots at Bell Labs that would translate to key posts within ECS.

ECS also served as the perfect professional home for many of the researchers at IBM. Gerald Frankel, a past member of the IBM research team who joined the Society in 1990, found that the Society’s technical domain and its vast network of researchers could have a major impact on his career, both in industry and later when the joined the faculty at The Ohio State University.

“ECS has been my primary technical home,” Frankel said. “The Society has a great network, the best symposia, and an outstanding journal. I’ve been very involved with the Society for many years and will continue down that path.”

Since joining the Society, Frankel has served as chair of the ECS Corrosion Division and was named ECS fellow in 2006. Through the ECS community, he has worked with many top researchers in the area of corrosion.