Henry White

White_HenryHenry White is a world leader in the field of electrochemistry, performing pioneering research in energy storage and fundamental studies of reduction-oxidation reactions and electron-transfer reactions, and the structure of interfaces between metals and solutions.

White worked under ECS’s own Allen J. Bard while obtaining his PhD, where he researched electrogenerated chemiluminescence, transport in Nafion modified electrodes, and solar energy conversion using transition metal dichalcogenide photoelectrodes. Since joining the Society in 1985, White has been presented with ECS’s Carl Wagner Award (2010) and David Grahame Award (2005).

He currently serves as Dean of the College of Science at the University of Utah. Here, he and his research team have made advances in new methods to determine the structure of biological polymers such as DNA, the development of novel batteries with increased storage capacity and investigations of drug delivery through human skin using electrical currents.