OpenCon 2017


“Exploring Ideas for Next Generation Research”

Sunday, October 1, 2017, 1400-1800h ET
Gaylord National Convention Center
National Harbor, MD

Program Overview

ECS’s OpenCon is a satellite event of the main OpenCon, an international event hosted by the Right to Research Coalition, a student sponsored organization of SPARC, the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition. ECS is the first scholarly society to host a satellite event.

The main OpenCon is hosted once a year; the launch took place in 2016 in Washington DC and in 2017 it will be in Berlin. To date, over 40 satellite events have taken place in 25 countries with more than 2,000 attendees. OpenCon satellites are an excellent way to start the discussion about open access and open science in a group or community.

Knowledge seems to be a common missing link in the socialization of openness for many researchers, and the ECS community is no exception. Introducing ECS members to an array of open concepts in research will facilitate the understanding needed to Free the Science, ECS’s long-term vision to lead the physical sciences in a paradigm shift to more open sharing and publishing of research.

OpenCon will be ECS’s first, large community event aimed at creating a culture of change in how research is designed, shared, discussed, and disseminated, with the ultimate goal of making scientific progress faster. Featuring the vocal advocates in the open movement listed below, ECS’s OpenCon will examine the intersection of advances in research infrastructure, the researcher experience, funder mandates and policies, as well as the global shift that is happening in traditional scholarly communications.

The ECS OpenCon is free and open to ECS meeting attendees and the general public. The event will also be broadcast live via the ECS YouTube channel.

The ECS OpenCon is now at capacity but you can still register to attend and watch the live broadcast in an adjacent room.

Register for ECS OpenCon here if you ARE NOT attending the 232nd ECS Meeting.

Register for ECS OpenCon here if you ARE attending the 232nd ECS Meeting as part of the regular meeting registration process.

ECS meeting attendees may also be interested in the ECS Data Sciences Hack Day on Wednesday, October 4.


1400h Welcome: Johna Leddy, president, ECS

1410h Keynote: “The Importance of Open Science in a Changing Scholarly Communications Paradigm”
Speaker: Ashley Farley, open access program associate, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

1440h Free the Science Overview and Update: EJ Taylor, co-chair ECS Free the Science Advisory Board
and treasurer, ECS

1455h Open Science
Speaker: Brian Nosek, co-founder, Center for Open Science

1515h Open Access
Speaker: Nick Shockey, director of programs and engagement, SPARC

1535h Open Data
Speaker: Meredith Morovati, executive director, Dryad

1555h BREAK

Open and Government
Speaker: Dina Paltoo, director, Division of Scientific Data Sharing Policy, Office of Science Policy,
National Institutes of Health
Open and Academia
Speaker: Dan Schwartz, director, Clean Energy Institute, University of Washington

1700h Panel Discussion: “Changing Culture: How are the Different Constituencies Represented at this
OpenCon Going to Move the Needle on How Science is Communicated?”
All speakers invited to sit on the facilitated panel discussion.

1745h Closing Remarks, Johna Leddy, president, ECS

1800h 232nd ECS Meeting Opening Reception