Professional Development Workshops

Offered at each of the biannual Society meetings the professional development workshops help to serve our members. These workshops are available to you whether you are a student looking for some help with your resume or a mid-career researcher looking for a refresher on team management.

Workshop descriptions

Essential Elements for Employment Success
Location: National Harbor 14
Instructor: Michel Foure

Landing your next job requires selective and effective networking, developing and submitting specifically targeted resumes and cover letters, locating relevant job opportunities and preparing for and participating in the job interview. This workshop will provide up-to-date information and tips for employment success. This is a two-hour workshop.

Resume Review
Location: Career Expo, Exhibit Hall
Instructor: Michel Foure

Now that you’ve attended Part 1: Essential Elements for Employment Success, bring your resume for a one-on-one session with an industry leader and expert on resume development. You will walk away with a resume that is sure to land you your next interview. An appointment can be scheduled for a resume review when attending the Essential Elements for Employment Success. Appointments are 20-minutes in length.

Managing and Leading Teams (NEW)
Location: Maryland 3
Instructor: Dennis Hess

Nearly all engineers and scientists work in teams where a leader oversees and guides process/product development and direction. When technically-trained individuals undertake a leadership role, frustration is a frequent outcome, despite technical competency and good intentions. This workshop will discuss reasons why engineers and scientists often find adaptation into leadership roles disconcerting and will explore ways to smooth the transition. This is a two-hour workshop.

Managing Conflict (NEW)
Location: National Harbor 14
Instructor: Dennis Hess

When more than one person is in a meeting, disagreement on the interpretation of results, conclusions, implementation, and subsequent directions is the likely outcome, which leads to conflict. An effective leader has learned how to manage conflict and use it to improve team performance. This workshop will discuss conflict sources and explore ways to minimize the disruption that often results. This is a one-hour workshop.

Sages of Science (NEW)
Location: Prince George’s Exhibit Hall D/E
Tuesday 1300-1600h | Wednesday 1100-1400h

Do you have data that looks odd? Did you see weird phenomena in the lab? New to electrochemistry and solid state research and confused by the jargon? Not sure what to make of it? Come talk to our Sages of Science and perhaps see things from a new perspective. In National Harbor our Sages will be:
Viola Birss
– Noel Buckley
Dennis Hess
Chuck Hussey

The ECS Sages are all outstanding scientists and engineers who have volunteered to talk with researchers with questions. Discussions can be in confidence if the research so requests. If the Sages don’t know the answer, they know someone who does.

Panel of Professionals: Career Exploration in the Electrochemical and Solid State Science and Technology
Location: Chesapeake 11

Are you unsure of what career options are available in electrochemistry and solid state science and technology? Then this session is for you. Join us for a panel discussion where professionals from industry, academia (large research & small teaching), and government will discuss the unique opportunities and challenges of pursuing a career in their chosen field.

Attendees will have the opportunity to speak with each professional through small breakout groups following the panel. Students and early-career professionals are strongly encouraged to attend. This is a one-hour workshop.

Refresh and Connect: An ECS Mentoring Session (New!)
Location: Maryland 5

Students and early career researchers are not going to want to miss this mentoring event. Join a roundtable with five of your peers and an established ECS member to build your contacts, ask questions about career paths and opportunities, and share in stories about professional life.

Sign up early to reserve your spot! This is a one-hour session.