Vittorio de Nora Award

denora-webThe Vittorio de Nora Award was established in 1971 to recognize distinguished contributions to the field of electrochemical engineering and technology.


Nomination Deadline: April 15, odd years
Presented: Spring meeting, even years

Eligibility criteria

The recipient will be distinguished for contributions to the field of electrochemical engineering and technology. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to engineering and technology directed toward the utilization of electrochemical phenomena and processes.

The recipient does not need to be a member of The Electrochemical Society. 

Nomination guidelines

Nominations, once submitted, shall be considered for two consecutive award cycles. 

A complete nomination package includes:

  • Completed Electronic Nomination Form
  • At least two, but no more than five supporting letters (one page in length)
  • Additional documents that may be included:

– Candidate’s curriculum vitae
– Publications list
– Other pertinent information that supports and strengthens the candidate’s nomination


The award consists of a gold medal and a plaque that contains a bronze replica thereof, both bearing the recipient’s name, the sum of US $7,500, complimentary meeting registration for award recipient and companion, a dinner held in recipient’s honor during the designated meeting, and Life Membership in The Society. The recipient shall receive the award at the designated Society meeting and deliver a general address on a subject related to the contributions for which the award is being presented.

About Vittorio de Nora

Vittorio de Nora performed research in electrochemistry, was awarded a great number of patents and authored many scientific publications. He is known internationally for his many contributions to industry particularly in the manufacture of chlorine and in the development of dimensionally stable electrodes which have revolutionized the electrochemical and electrometallurgical industries.


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