The 2017 Canada Section Student Award Goes to Leah Ellis!

Leah Ellis Student AwardEach year, the ECS Canada Section recognizes a deserving PhD student from a Canadian university for academic achievements in our multi-disciplinary fields though the Canada Section Student Award. The award was established in 1987 to recognize promising young engineers and scientists and to promote careers in electrochemistry and solid state science and technology. Recipients receive a $1,500 (CAD) prize.

Leah Ellis’ broad academic interests include surface analysis, materials science, and green chemistry. She obtained her Bachelor’s (2011) and Master’s (2013) degrees in chemistry at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, studying alloy-based anode materials for sodium-ion batteries with Dr. Mark Obrovac. During this period, she was awarded an internship at Tesla’s research facility in Palo Alto, California.

Upon completion of her M.Sc., Leah spent one year as an intern at E-One Moli Energy in British Columbia, Canada, working on lithium-ion cell testing and development. Before commencing her PhD, she crossed the continent of Africa on a bicycle. Presently, Leah is completing her PhD, under the supervision of Dr. Jeff Dahn at Dalhousie University. Her research focuses on increasing the energy density, extending the lifetime, and reducing the cost of lithium-ion batteries, especially for automotive and grid storage applications.

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Leah’s enthusiasm for sustainable technology has spread among her peers. This year Leah founded the Green Chemistry Initiative (a student group) at Dalhousie University. With 15 active members, the Green Chemistry Initiative aims to promote hazard awareness and sustainability within the department of chemistry. Leah looks forward to perfecting her leadership and research skills as her career unfolds, in order to have a positive impact on her research community and the field of sustainable technologies.

The ECS Canada Section held its annual meeting on November 4, 2017 on the campus of Queen’s University in Ontario where Ellis presented her award lecture.

The annual nomination deadline for the Canada Section Student Award is February 28.



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