2018 Most Cited Researchers – Did You Make the List?

Clarivate Analytics has recently published its annual list of Highly Cited Researchers with the overarching declaration that “whether ‘Highly Cited’ or ‘Hot,’ these researchers are making a significant impact.”

Some of our most distinguished ECS members have been noted this year as the “world’s most influential scientific minds” often listed multiple times in the categories of physics, chemistry, and materials science.

Below, find a short list of those members of The Electrochemical Society whose research on electrochemistry and solid state science and technology is shaping the scientific discourse. Read the full article.

Hector Abruna
Radoslav Adzic (F)
Khalil Amine (F)
Peter Bruce
Jaephil Cho
Yury Gogotsi (F)

Liangbing Hu
Prashant Kamat (F)
Nathan Lewis
Arumugam Manthiram (F)
Arthur Nozik
Stefano Passerini

Bruno Scrosati (F)
Yang Shao-Horn (F)
Peter Strasser
Chunsheng Wang
Nianqiang Wu (F)
Jie Xiao

Did we miss your name?

Let us know and we will broadcast your achievements as well.

The Electrochemical Society is an independent, not-for-profit scientific publisher that has, since inception, disseminated new and advanced knowledge in its multi-disciplinary fields. With two highly successful, and cited, publications (Journal of The Electrochemical Society and the ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology), we are able to respond to global needs and find sustainable solutions.

Congratulations to all.

(F) denotes Fellow of The Electrochemical Society 




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