236th ECS Meeting Best Poster and Presentation Winners

Mahsa Ebrahiminia (Photo by Gleb Yushin)

ECS is pleased to announce the winners of symposia-funded best presentation awards from the 236th ECS Meeting in Atlanta. Through the generous funding of individual symposium sponsors, several awards of this type are presented at every ECS meeting. You are invited to celebrate the excellent work of these authors:

A05 – Lithium Ion Batteries – Best Poster Award Winners

Thank you to Livent, Arbin Instruments, and Gamry Instruments, Inc. for their generous sponsorship of this symposium.

Mahsa Ebrahiminia, University of Utah: “Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of Ion Transport, Structural and Mechanical Properties of Li2CO3 and Mn-Li-CO3

Karsten Richter, Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württenberg (ZSW): “A New Method to Study Depth Profiles in Silicon/Carbon Composite Electrodes

A06 – Beyond Lithium Ion Batteries – Best Poster Award Winners

Thank you to MACCOR, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Wanqian Technology Ltd. for their generous sponsorship of this symposium.

Yubin He, Georgia Institute of Technology: Lithium Ion Conducting Block Copolymers: Conductivity and Battery Performance

Wanwan Wang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong: In Situ Ambient Pressure X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Studies of Potassium-Oxygen Redox Reactions

D01 – Young Researchers on Dielectric Science and Technology Golden Prize Award Winners

Tom Kinsey, University of Tennessee: A Dielectric and Vibrational Spectroscopy Study of the Confinement Effects on Ion Dynamics in a Methacrylate Based Polymerized Ionic Liquid within Nanoporous Silica Membranes

Martin Košiček, Jozef Stefan Institute: Manipulation of a Single Crystal Nanowire on an Atomic Level

I01 – Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells & Electrolyzers 19 (PEFC&E-19) – Best Poster Award Winners

Thank you to the Office of Naval Research, and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory’s Army Research Office for their generous sponsorship of this symposium.

Holly M. Fruehold, Ontario Tech University: A model Fe-N3/C Active Site Prepared Via Molecular-Level Control for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction through Iron Terpyridine Motifs

Jonathan Grunewald, Georgia Institute of Technology: Formulating Reduced-Order Models to Include Mesoscale Methods in Full Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Models

Yiwei Zheng, University of South Carolina: Understanding the Fundamental Drivers for Performance Losses in Operating AEMFCS in the Presence of CO2

Thank you to these companies and all of our other symposium sponsors for their support of the 236th ECS Meeting! Be sure to also check out the 236th ECS Meeting  Student Poster Session Award Winners.

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