242nd ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: L02 – Molten Salts and Ionic Liquids 23 (MSIL-23)

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Symposium: L02—Molten Salts and Ionic Liquids 23 (MSIL-23)

Deadline for Submitting Abstracts:
April 22, 2022


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Symposium focus: This international and interdisciplinary forum presents the latest research on systems involving molten salts and ionic liquids. Papers on basic and applied research in all areas of chemistry, engineering, electrochemical systems, and physics related to molten salts and ionic liquids are solicited. Topics include but are not restricted to:

1) Power and energy applications (e.g., batteries, fuel cells, semiconductors, photovoltaics, and phase change energy storage);

2) Rare earth and nuclear chemistry (e.g., lanthanides, actinides, radioisotopes, nuclear reprocessing);

3) Electrodeposition (e.g., deposition of alloys, characterization of electroactive species, and surface characterization);

4) Reactions (e.g., catalysis, synthesis, oligomerizations, and polymerizations);

5) Separations (e.g., selective extractions and biphasic systems);

6) Solute and solvent properties (e.g., structural investigations, thermal properties, dynamics, and stability of ionic liquids and molten salts);

7) Biomass applications (e.g., dissolution, modification, and/or reactions utilizing biomass);

8) Materials (e.g., polymer blends, additive manufacturing, active coatings, and corrosion studies);

9) New ionic liquids and molten salt mixtures (e.g., liquid clathrates, binary and ternary melts, and task specific ionic liquids);

10) Deep eutectic solvents (e.g., synthesis, properties, and applications).

Notable attributes

  • The Bredig Award Dinner and a special MSIL23 session recognizing Professor Tom Welton, winner of the 2022 ECS Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry Division Max Bredig Award in Molten Salt and Ionic Liquid Chemistry
  • Special MSIL23 session held in honor of Marcelle Gaune-Escard, 2004 Bredig Award winner, who recently passed away

Keynote lectures by invited speakers

  • Prof. Tatiana Budtova, MINES ParisTech
  • Prof. Sheng Dai, University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Prof. Jim Davis, University of South Alabama
  • Prof. Rasmus Fehrmann, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
  • Prof. Burcu Gurkan, Case Western Reserve University
  • Prof. Jesse McDaniel, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Jindal Shah, Oklahoma State University
  • Prof. Eden Tanner, University of Mississippi
  • Prof. Tom Welton, Imperial College London
  • Prof. Hua Zhao, Howard University

ECS Transactions

An issue of ECS Transactions will be published “AT” the meeting. All authors must submit manuscripts by July 1, 2022. Submit all manuscripts online in either MS Word or PDF format. Authors are expected to use the official ECS Transactions template.

Abstract submission

Submit abstracts electronically to the ECS Headquarters Office using the Online Abstracts Submission website. A template is available on the website.

Suggestions and inquiries

Check the Call for Papers for more information or contact the symposium organizers: 


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