Accelerating the Discovery and Development of Energy Materials

To compete globally in key energy sectors through the 21st century and beyond, the U.S. must accelerate the discovery and development of novel materials. The I05 symposium at the 236th ECS Meeting, “Accelerated Discovery and Development of Energy Materials,” is a unique opportunity for researchers and stakeholders from electrochemistry and materials research to meet, network, and initiate new collaborations in highly impactful research and development. The electrochemical research community focuses on important energy applications such as generation, storage, distribution, and utilization. The materials research community focuses on computational and experimental methodologies for accelerated materials discovery and development, and advancing multiple sectors. While rapid scientific advances are occurring independently in both fields, bringing world leaders from the two fields together is an extraordinary opportunity to achieve materials breakthroughs with the potential to revolutionize the U.S. energy sectors.

“Accelerated Discovery and Development of Energy Materials,” is organized by Huyen Dinh and Eric L. Miller. “This symposium brings together electrochemists, materials scientists, data scientists, experimentalists and theorists, universities, national laboratories, industry, and different funding agencies including the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, and the National Science Foundation,” said Dinh. “My goal is for participants to take away an expanded appreciation of the value of collaboration among disparate research communities who are united by the common mission of expanding the greater good. Together we will plant the seeds for new and exciting collaborative endeavors.” Dinh is senior scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and member-at-large of the ECS Energy Technology Division which sponsors the symposium.

Eric Miller is senior advisor at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) which supports opportunities to accelerate research progress in key technologies foundational to the energy sector, including electrochemical pathways for energy generation, storage, distribution, and utilization.  The symposium, which includes presentations on research affiliated with government initiatives, provides opportunities to strengthen and expand a collaborative framework for advancing our national energy landscape.

The symposium covers a broad range of materials which promise to revolutionize applications in energy generation, storage, distribution, and utilization. Examples with special relevance to ECS include advanced catalysts, membranes, electrolytes, and ionomers, as well as compatible balance-of-system materials for applications in batteries, flow batteries, fuel cells, electrolyzers, and synthetic fuel synthesis, among others.

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