AiMES 2018: Best Student Posters

At AiMES 2018 in Cancun, Mexico, there were more than 80 students posters submitted to the Z01 General Student Poster Session.

The general student poster session was held on Tuesday night, October 2, 2018. This session draws a number of participants at each meeting as awards are given to the best posters. Awards recognize the student’s knowledge and understanding of their research; and the research’s relationship to fields of interest to ECS.

The recipients of the best poster awards for AiMES 2018 are:

Name: Aranzazu Cermona Orbezo
Institution: The University of Manchester
Poster Number: 2080
Poster Title: Flow-Electrode Capacitive Deionization (FCDI) Using Suspensions of 2D Materials As Electrodes

Name: Ashwin Ramanujam
Institution: Ohio University
Poster Number: 2128
Poster Title: Rapid Electrochemical Detection of Escherichia coli Using a Rotating Disc Electrode

Name: Jeffrey Kowalski
Institution: Joint Center for Energy Storage Research
Poster Number: 2053
Poster Title: Systematic Development of Positive Active Materials for Nonaqueous Redox Flow Batteries Using Phenothiazine As a Learning Platform

Name: Garrett Huang
Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology
Poster Number: 2093
Poster Title: Advanced Anion Conducting Multiblock Copolymer Membranes with Hydrocarbon Backbones

Name: Ayano Ohama
Institution: Ochanomizu University
Poster Number: 2056
Poster Title: Pre-Treatment Effects on Electrochemical Lithium Deposition/Dissolution Processesstudied By Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Name: Hafis Pratama Rendra Graha
Institution: Tokyo Institute of Technology
Poster Number: 2107
Poster Title: Development of Highly Conductive and Highly Durable All-Aromatic Anion Exchange Membranes By Using Thermally Convertible Precursor Polymer

Eligibility for the general student poster session awards requires students to submit their abstracts to the Z01 General Student Poster Session symposium and present their posters at the biannual meeting. Learn more about the general student poster session.

Participants in the session are encouraged to submit their work to ECSarXiv, the Society’s preprint service. Preprints are a way to get your research seen fast and easily. Visit ECSarXiv for more information.

ECS would like to thank the organizers of the Z01 General Student Poster Session:

Venkat R. Subramanian
University of Washington

Kalpathy B. Sundaram
University of Central Florida

Vimal Chaitanya
New Mexico State University

Alice H. Suroviec
Berry College

Pallavi Pharkya
Lam Research Corporation

Ricardo Galvàn-Martìnez
Universidad Veracruzana

The following individuals served as judges for the Z01 General Student Poster Session:

Krysti Knoche Gupta
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Lok-kum Tsui
University of New Mexico

David Rodriguez
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Eiji Tada
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Vito Di Noto
University of Padova

Brian Skinn
Faraday Technology, Inc.

Rod Borup
Los Alamos National Lab

Shrisudersan Jayaraman
Corning Incorporated

Jeffrey Halpern
University of New Hampshire

Nikolay Dimitrov
Binghamton University

Eugeniusz Zych
Uniwersytet Wroclawski

Bryan McCloskey
University of California, Berkeley

You can review all of the Z01 General Student Poster Session abstracts in the online program.


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