Charting the Growth of ECS Plus

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Since its launch in 2016, ECS Plus has flourished into a widespread movement. At its forefront are leading, forward-thinking institutions that recognize the value of incentivizing open access publishing on an individual, institutional, and global scale.

ECS Plus offers institutions a competitively priced subscription package that grants access to all of the content in the ECS Digital Library, including our top-ranking, authoritative, peer-reviewed journal content, as well as free and unlimited open access publishing for affiliated authors.

Immediately following its January 2016 launch, ECS Plus acquired the National Science and Technology Library of China—a consortium then consisting of just under 800 institutions—as a subscriber. Over the subsequent months, ECS Plus saw a steady rise in subscriber count, reflecting a desire shared among institutions worldwide to make open access publishing a viable option for authors.

If data trends serve as any indication, this desire holds fast. In recent months, ECS Plus gained two new subscribers: Arizona State University and the University of Michigan. Just last month, the National Science and Technology Library of China increased its ECS Plus subscriber count from 907 to 924. The University of South Carolina recently confirmed an ECS Plus subscription for 2018.

Currently, we have 976 ECS Plus subscribers spread across the globe. As subscribers, these institutions are making it more convenient than ever for authors to access and disseminate pivotal work in the fields of electrochemistry and solid state science and technology.

Does your institution subscribe?

If you do not know whether or not your institution subscribes to ECS Plus, check for your institution on this list of current ECS Plus subscribers.

Alternatively, you may discover whether or not your institution subscribes to ECS Plus during the manuscript submission process. Within our manuscript submission system, all authors have profiles. As part of those profiles, authors generally affiliate with an institution.

When you submit a paper, you may choose whether or not to publish the paper as open access. At this point, you will be able to able to look up whether you or your co-authors belong to an institution with an ECS Plus subscription.

Think your institution should subscribe to ECS Plus? Review our subscription information and discuss options with your institution’s librarians.

If you would like support in marketing ECS Plus to your faculty, please let us know at

To subscribe to ECS Plus, please contact

Taking advantage of ECS Plus

If your institution subscribes to ECS Plus, you are granted full access to all of the content available in the ECS Digital Library. You also may publish articles as open access in ECS journals free of charge by claiming one of your unlimited article credits.

As an author affiliated with an ECS Plus subscriber, publishing your work as open access is easy. Please follow the instructions outlined in our open access workflow.

ECS would like to thank all of its ECS Plus subscribers, past and present. An investment in ECS Plus is an investment in open science—in the democratization of the research and discoverability that will safeguard our future.

To learn more about why open science matters, check out our Free the Science initiative, or attend the ECS OpenCon at the 232nd ECS Meeting in National Harbor.


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