ECS Accelerates Web of Science Indexing

ECS is pleased to announce that articles published in its two peer-reviewed journals, the Journal of The Electrochemical Society and the ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, are being indexed in Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Science (WoS) faster than ever before—on a rolling, article-by-article basis.

How did it work before? Until recently, WoS indexed ECS journals upon issue close, and it could take about six weeks from the close of an issue for receipt/delivery to WoS. This means if the first article in an issue was published at the beginning of the month, and the last published at the end of the month, the first article could go 10 weeks or more before being indexed in WoS.

How does it work now? ECS now sends a feed of newly published articles to Clarivate for processing on a daily basis, greatly reducing the time between publication and indexing in the WoS database. This means that your article will be searchable, discoverable, and citable through WoS weeks, or even months, sooner!

Why make this change? Science moves at a breakneck pace, bearing research vital to human health and global sustainability. For this reason, dissemination cannot wait. ECS research needs to be discoverable as soon as possible after it is published—to facilitate prompt circulation of your findings and advance the innovation driving cutting-edge science.


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