ECS Transactions: National Harbor Standard Issue Now Available

ECSTECS Transactions 80(10) “Selected Proceedings from the 232nd ECS Meeting: National Harbor, MD – Fall 2017,” has just been published.

This issue contains a total of 149 papers from the following National Harbor symposia:

A01 – Battery and Energy Technology Joint General Session

A02 – Battery Characterization: Symposium in Honor of Frank McLarnon

A03 – Battery Student Slam 2

A04 – Li-Ion Batteries

A05 – Battery Materials: Beyond Li-Ion

A06 – Advanced Manufacturing Methods for Energy Storage Devices

B01 – Carbon Nanostructures: From Fundamental Studies to Applications and Devices

C01 – Corrosion General Session

C02 – Light Alloys 5

C03 – State-of-the-Art Surface Analytical Techniques in Corrosion 3: In Honor of Hugh Isaacs

C04 – Coatings and Inhibitors

C05 – Corrosion in Concrete Structures

D02 – Photovoltaics for the 21st Century 13

E01 – Fundamentals of Electrochemical Growth from UPD to Microstructures 4

E02 – Current Trends in Electrodeposition – An Invited Symposium

E03 – Electrochemical Science and Engineering on the Path from Discovery to Product

E04 – Electrochemical Processing from Non-aqueous Solvents

F01 – Electrochemical Engineering General Session

F02 – Electrochemical Separations

G05 – Oxide Memristors

H01 – State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors (SOTAPOCS 60)

L01 – Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry General Session

L02 – Photocatalysts, Photoelectrochemical Cells and Solar Fuels 8

L03 – Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry of Ionic Liquids 6

L05 – Bioelectroanalysis

L06 – Fundamental Aspects of Electrochemical Conversion of Carbon Dioxide

L08 – Advanced Techniques for In Situ Electrochemical Systems

L09 – Multi-Electron Redox Systems for Next Generation Batteries

M01 – Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems General Session

M02 – Practical Implementation and Commercialization of Sensors 2

Z01 – General Student Poster Session

Z02 – Nanotechnology General Session

Z04 – The Brain and Electrochemistry

Z05 – Sensors for Food Safety, Quality, and Security

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