Interface 1992 and 1993 Digitized: All Issues of Interface are now Online!

The publishing staff of The Electrochemical Society Interface is pleased to announce that with the addition to the ECS Digital Library of the four 1993 ECS Interface issues, plus the first Interface issue (winter 1992), more than 29 years of the ECS community’s history can be seen through the lens of Interface. The digitization of Interface was an 18-month project, focused on ensuring that Interface could be accessible to community members all over the world via a digital medium.

Issue 1, Winter 1992: Marcus Wins Nobel Prize at Toronto Meeting

Issue 2, Spring 1993: Atomic Structures at Interfaces

Issue 3, Summer 1993: New Electrolyte Technologies

Issue 4, Fall 1993: Corrosion Science and Technology

Issue 5, Winter 1993: Energy Technology and the Environment

Thank you for being a valued reader of Interface.


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