Lewis University Student Chapter: Connecting Knowledge and Passion

Top row (l to r): Mark Sivak, Samantha Brain, Zachary Widel Middle row: Middle Row: Jeromy Rech, Dr. Jason Keleher, Richard Wiencek Third row: Julianne Truffa, Lisa Janes, Jacob MurrayBottom row: Amy Mlynarski

Top row (l to r): Mark Sivak, Samantha Brain, Zachary Widel Middle row: Jeromy Rech, Dr. Jason Keleher, Richard Wiencek Third row: Julianne Truffa, Lisa Janes, Jacob Murray Bottom row: Amy Mlynarski

From outreach to knowledge acquisition, the newly established Lewis University student chapter is paving a path to instill a new-found enthusiasm in electrochemical science and technology.

“We will be able to help foster a sense of excitement for electrochemistry and begin to inspire others, in the same way that we were inspired,” says Jeromy Rech, chair of the Lewis University student chapter.

The inspiration behind starting the student chapter began in the late spring of this year, when a group of students from Lewis University’s Keleher Research Group presented at the 227th ECS Meeting in Chicago, IL. Upon meeting other ECS student members that initiated student chapters of their own, Rech and his group knew that forming a chapter at Lewis University was in the cards.

“We saw this as a great opportunity to begin to network and cultivate an academic relationship with other students who share similar passions,” Rech says.

Once the chapter was approved at the 228th ECS Meeting in Phoenix, AZ, the group immediately put the ball in motion. From volunteering as judges in an annual science fair to hosting the capstone presentations for chemistry majors, the chapter is on track with its goals of outreach and knowledge acquisition.

Additionally, the group plans to take the capstone presentations and transform them into a mini conference, where they will open the doors to both undergraduate and graduate students for an opportunity to share and discuss new knowledge.

The group is also planning ahead to mid-2016, where they hope to invite a guest speaker for a keynote address and develop workshops.

“In the future, we would like to create a workshop for students—middle and high school—to attend during the summer months which would focus on many aspects of electrochemistry, including dye sensitized solar cells and nanotechnology,” Rech says.

While the Keleher Research Group currently serves as the primary basis of member, Rech hopes that there will be expansion to student in other groups with similar interests.

“One of the main goals for the Lewis University chapter of ECS is to continue to promote networking and scientific collaboration,” Rech says. “We will be able to provide information to students and faculty about such opportunities as conferences, research positions, and other opportunities, and by helping members attend ECS conferences and meetings.”

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