Member Spotlight – Telpriore “Greg” Tucker

Tucker, a six year ECS member, aims to develop future transportation that is sustainable and fun to use.Credit: Arizona State University

Tucker aims to develop transportation that is sustainable and fun to use.
Credit: Arizona State University

Hard-work and perseverance have paid off for The Electrochemical Society’s Telpriore “Greg” Tucker. From chemist, to mentor, to entrepreneur—the Arizona State University doctoral graduate aims to make an impact in renewable energy and transportation.

With his new degree in hand, Tucker plans to revisit his business plans for The Southwest Battery Bike Company, which focuses on developing electric bicycles that can provide a more affordable and greener source of transportation.

“I’ve always had an interest in transportation and how to make it more affordable and sustainable for the public,” Tucker says. “Since my degree focuses on batteries for renewable energy purposes, I began to see a lot of applications from my research. Some of the best jobs can spring from your hobby or projects that you enjoy doing.”

Since becoming a Student Member of ECS in 2007, Tucker has founded the Valley of the Sun – Central Arizona Graduate Chapter of The Electrochemical Society, which was recently recognized by ECS as a Chapter of Excellence for 2013-2014.

Tucker also worked with ECS in 2008 to conduct an outreach program at the Phoenix Bioscience High School.

“We’ve been doing an annual renewable energy session for five years now, with hands-on experiments in fuel cells, solar panels, batteries, circuits and more,” Tucker says.

Beyond his mentorship and electric bicycle company, Tucker hopes to impact the field of battery and renewable energy in a big way.

“I want to focus on design, including a battery system for an electric car that would be more energy efficient,” Tucker says. “I would also like to do some consulting and see what other opportunities are available in renewable energy.”

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