PRiME 2020 Topic Close-up: Frontiers of Chemical/Molecular Engineering in Electrochemical Energy Technologies

In Honor of Robert Savinell’s 70th Birthday

Topic Close-up #5

Symposium I03: Frontiers of Chemical/Molecular Engineering in Electrochemical Energy Technologies: In Honor of Robert Savinell’s 70th Birthday

Symposium focus: In honor of Robert Savinell’s 70th birthday, after more than four decades of research in fuel cells and flow batteries, this symposium is organized to celebrate his achievements. The symposium highlights current and emerging ideas in electrocatalysis, electrolytes, and device design for fuel cells and flow batteries. Topics include molecular-level understanding of small-molecule electrocatalysis (including hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon- and nitrogen-containing molecules such as alcohols, ammonia, urea, carbon dioxide, and others), membranes and electrolytes including additives, nanoparticles, and deep eutectic chemistries, redox-active molecules, and new concepts in fuel cells and flow batteries, with contributions spanning different length scales from molecules to devices. We welcome contributions from both theory and experiment, especially on studies that are designed to bridge molecular-level understanding of electrochemistry to macroscopic electrochemical technologies. The objective is to provide an interdisciplinary discussion forum on the current state and future perspectives in fuel cells and flow batteries, and to celebrate the achievements of Robert Savinell to the field.

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Michael Aziz (Harvard University)
  • Yushan Yan (University of Delaware)
  • Michael Perry (Vionx Energy)
  • Jesse Wainright (Case Western Reserve University)
  • Noel Buckley (University of Limerick)
  • Thomas Zawodzinski (University of Tennessee)
  • Qinfeng Li (Technical University of Denmark)
  • Paul Kohl (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Thomas Fuller (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Shimshon Gottesfeld (University of Delaware)
  • Burcu Gurkan (Case Western Reserve University)
  • Kathy Ayers (Nel Hydrogen)
  • Mallory Miller (Moses Lake Industries)

Deadline for submitting abstracts:
May 29, 2020


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