PRiME 2020 Topic Close-up: Electrodeposition for Energy Applications 5

Topic Close-up #13

Symposium E01: Electrodeposition for Energy Applications 5

Symposium focus: This well attended interdisciplinary symposium keeps a broad focus on applications in energy storage, conversion, and generation—while maintaining electrodeposition science as the central theme. This year, we include several invited tutorial-type talks to inspire experts in electrodeposition to help solve certain scientific problems in the field of energy applications—and to make experts in energy applications aware of the capabilities and knowledge in electrodeposition. Please check out the call for papers for more details.

A tentative list of invited speakers and topic is given below.

Confirmed tutorials:

  • Challenges in Reversible Electrodeposition and Stripping of Li2O2 for Li-air Batteries, Dr. Fanny Barde, program manager solid-state batteries, IMEC, Belgium
  • Reversible Lithium Plating and Stripping from Solid Electrolytes: Towards Zero-lithium Anodes, Dr. Qichao Hu, CEO, Solid Energy, U.S.
  • Surface Limited Electrodeposition of Thin-film Catalysts for Electrocatalysis, Stanko Brankovic, professor, University of Houston, U.S.
  • Electrodeposition for Metals Extraction and Recycling, Antoine Allanore, professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.
  • Electrodeposition of Semiconductors for Energy Applications, Frank Endres, professor, Technische Universität Clausthal, Germany.

Confirmed Young Investigator talks:

  • Reversible Lithium Plating and Stripping: An Electrodeposition Point of View, Adam Maraschk, Case Western University, U.S.
  • Fluorinated Hybrid Solid-electrolyte-interphase for Dendrite-free Lithium Deposition, Rajesh Pathak, South Dakota State University, U.S.

Deadline for submitting abstracts:
May 29, 2020


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