Recognizing Excellence at the ECS Biannual Meetings

At each ECS biannual meeting, some of our technical symposia put aside funding to recognize outstanding posters and presentations. This is a great opportunity to celebrate amazing researchers and students.

ECS established this program to recognize individuals engaged in the vast field of electrochemistry and solid state science. This program provides recognition and encouragement to continue outstanding research in the field. Recipients are selected based on specific award/recipient criteria.

At AiMES 2018 we gave out 13 awards and $4,745.00 in award funds. Below is a list of the awards winners for this meeting.

H07: Electronic, Thermal, and Electrochemical Properties of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs): Technology, Applications, and Emerging Devices 1

Best Poster Award: Naoki Ogiwara, Water-Gas Shift Reaction Activity of Pt Nanoparticles Hybridized with Metal-Organic Frameworks

Best Paper Award: Paolo Falcaro, Device Fabrication – Positioning and Alignment of MOF Crystals

Best Student Paper: Mallory E. DeCoster, The Thermal Properties of Pristine and Loaded HKUST-1 Thin Films Under Different Environmental Conditions

G05: Materials, Formulation, and Processes for Semiconductor, 2.5 and 3D Chip Packaging, and High Density Interconnection PCB

Student Oral Presentation Award: Kuan Shan Li, Using Copper Ion As the Catalyst Precursor of Electroless Copper Deposition on Polyimide Film

Student Oral Presentation Award: V Quy Dinh, Reduction of Thermal Stress in Copper TSV due to Annealing by Low TEC Copper

G01: Semiconductor Wafer Bonding: Science, Technology, and Applications 15

Best Student Paper Award: Michael Liao, Characterization of Wafer-Bonded Oxide-Free Silicon with Surfaces Treated with an Ion-Bombardment Procedure

Best Paper Award: Johan Moulin, Multilayer Thin Film Getter for Sustainable Vacuum in MEMS Packaging

Best Paper Award: Takashi Matsumae, Room Temperature Bonding of Electroformed Cu Based-Heat Spreader in Atmospheric Air

Best Paper Award: Gen Yonezawa, Atomic Diffusion Bonding for Optical Devices with High Optical Density

I01: Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers 18 (PEFC&E 18)

PEFC Student Poster Award: Ryo Shimizu, Unsupported Pt3Ni Aerogels As High Stability Catalysts for PEFC Anodes Under Fuel Starvation Conditions

PEFC Student Poster Award: DongHoon Song, Porous Nickel-Phosphorous Electrode Synthesized By Fast-Simple Electrodeposition Process for Efficient Overall Water Splitting

G03: SiGe, Ge, and Related Materials: Materials, Processing, and Devices 8

Best Student Presentation Award: Marouane Mastari, Nano-heteroepitaxy: an investigation of SiGe nano-pillars coalescence

The Best Poster Award: Dr. Hai Zhang, High Density Formation and Magnetoelectronic Transport Properties of Fe3Si Nanodots

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