James Noël, past ECS Corrosion Division Chair, presents award to Sanjay Choudhary.

Join us in congratulating Sanjay Choudhary of the University of Virginia, recipient of the 2023 ECS Corrosion Division Morris Cohen Graduate Student Award! Sanjay presented his award talk at the 244th ECS Meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Sanjay Choudhary
University of Virginia
C01—1082 Evolution of Passivity and Passivity-Breakdown for Cr and Cr-Containing Alloys

Sanjay Choudhary is a Postdoctoral Research Associate with Prof. Robert G. Kelly at the University of Virginia where he studies localized corrosion characteristics of Al-alloys used in aerospace and stainless-steel dry storage containers, by means of in situ transmission electron microscopy and finite element modeling. (more…)