ECS Celebrates Giving Tuesday

giving-tuesdayToday, families, businesses, and communities around the world are joining together to celebrate generosity and to give through Giving Tuesday. Created in 2012, Giving Tuesday is now celebrated in several countries around the world, including Germany, Canada, Guatemala, and the United Kingdom.

Please join us in celebrating Giving Tuesday with a gift to ECS.

Your generosity enables us to:

  • Support emerging scientists through fellowships, travel support, and student programs
  • Advance electrochemistry and solid state science through comprehensive international meetings and high-quality publications
  • Free the Science through complete open access to the ECS Digital Library, making all content from our journals freely available to all readers, while remaining free to publish for authors.

Please consider supporting ECS with your gift today.

ECS would like to thank all those who support our Society with their gifts of time, talent, and resources. Your generosity powers our robust technical meetings, provides critical support for emerging scientists, and promotes high-quality publication in our journals.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the individuals below for their donations in 2015.

Dr. Henri J.R. Maget Dr. Shinji Fujimoto Dr. Kenneth L. Menningen
The Jiang Family Dr. Fernando H. Garzon Dr. Shelley D. Minteer
Dr. James C. Acheson Dr. Richard D. Goodin Dr. Sudhan S. Misra
Dr. Radoslav Adzic Dr. Koji Hashimoto Dr. Herbert J. Moltzan
Dr. Rajaram Bhat Dr. Dennis W. Hess Dr. Takurou N. Murakami
Dr. Viola Ingrid Birss Prof. Lloyd H. Hihara Dr. Hironori Nakajima
Dr. William D. Brown Dr. W. Jean Horkans Dr. John S. Newman
Prof. Carlos R. Cabrera Dr. Henry G. Hughes Dr. Hoon-Jung OH
Mr. Roque J. Calvo Dr. Earl C. Johns Mr. John P. Olatta
Dr. Bryan Chin Dr. Martin W. Kendig Mr. Sennu Palanichamy
Dr. Emanuel I. Cooper Dr. Zlata Kovac Mr. Robert E. Palmer
Ms. Angela DeVito Dr. Bruce Arthur Kowert Dr. Thomas Popp
Dr. Howard D. Dewald Dr. Simeon J. Krumbein Dr. Cynthia A. Rice
Dr. Francesco Di Quarto Dr. Michael Krumpelt Dr. Robert F. Savinell
Dr. John F. Elter Mr. Jose Larcin Dr. Morton Schwartz
Dr. Ronald E. Enstrom Dr. Arthur J. Learn Dr. Irving Shain
Dr. Thomas Z. Fahidy Dr. Peter A. Lewis Dr. Steven Z. Shi
Dr. Fu-Ren F Fan Dr. Bor Yann Liaw Dr. Toshio Shibata
Dr. Larry R. Faulkner Prof. Clovis A. Linkous Dr. Alice C. Suroviec
Prof. Elena S Flitsiyan Florian B. Mansfeld Dr. Makoto Takahashi
Dr. Robert P. Frankenthal Dr. Robert A. Mantz Dr. E. Jennings Taylor
Dr. Hiroyuki Fujimori Dr. Frederick Leon Marsh Dr. Ken Tokunaga
Dr. Arthur Yelon Dr. Fariaty Wong Prof. Dr. Ryan Jeffrey White

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Celebrate Giving Tuesday with ECS

givingtuesday2Today, families, businesses, charities and communities around the world are joining together to celebrate generosity and to give support through #GivingTuesday.

Join ECS and organizations around the world in celebrating #GivingTuesday
by making a donation today.

Support young scientists
Your generosity helps ECS support students and young scientists through:

With your help, ECS will remain committed to fostering the growth and development of electrochemistry and solid state science among the next generation of researchers, scientists and engineers.

Support the science of sustainability
From inventing renewable energy technologies to disposing of toxic wastes and keeping our water clean, the scientists that support ECS hold the keys to solving global challenges in energy, waste and water. Your Giving Tuesday gift will help ECS continue a legacy of scientific recognition, innovation and education.

Please be part of a new global tradition of generosity.

Your donations make it possible for ECS to support students and scientists in the field of electrochemical and solid state science and technology. Thank you for your generosity!