ECS Tellers of Election

According to Wikipedia, a teller of an election is “a person who counts the votes in an election, vote, referendum, or poll.” The ECS Tellers of Election recently met to do just that: verify our 2016 Society Elections.

Tellers of the Election

ECS Tellers of Election as they verify the 2016 Society votes – from left, Prof. Craig B. Arnold, Dr. Ronald E. Enstrom, Mr. Norman Goldsmith and Dr. William M. Ayers.

Let’s backtrack a moment where we must first and foremost thank members of ECS for voting this year. Our second thoughts of appreciation go to the wonderful slate of candidates who are not only recognized professionals in their own areas of the sciences, but are dedicated enough to vie for ECS leadership. Thank you very much to Drs. Christina Bock and Thomas Moffat for considering the Vice President opportunity. Four years ago, Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar was in this race to become an ECS Vice President which allowed him to now be on the ballot for the organization’s President. We extend similar appreciation to Drs. James Fenton and Douglas Hansen for competing for the role of Secretary.