Tired of slow internet connections and download speeds? Well, you may be in luck. According to an article from Popular Science, some researchers are looking toward LED technology to replace Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is essentially a series of waves traveling along a narrow, electromagnetic spectrum. The more users, the more crowded and congested the spectrum gets, and the more crowded, the slower connection speeds become. The problem, however, is that researchers cannot create more spectrum to allow the waves to pass faster.

Because of this, some are looking to another solution: LEDs.


Nikola Tesla is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable scientists in history, unfortunately much of his groundbreaking research lived in the shadows for the majority of his life. His pioneering contributions to science included alternating current, hydroelectricity, cryogenic engineering, the remote control, neon lighting, and wireless communication just to name a few.

While Tesla may have died around 30 years before the first call made made via a wireless cellphone, his advances in science helped make that reality achievable.

In an effort to offer the man at the core of wireless communication, a new statue has been erected in Tesla’s likeness in Silicon Valley that is equipped with free Wi-Fi.

The statue is the brainchild of Dorrian Porter, and entrepreneur that finds likeness with Tesla in that they were both immigrant that found scientific success in the U.S.

“This unique project… is also intended to inspire the entrepreneurs who come to the Silicon Valley to think big and selflessly—as Tesla did,” says Porter. “The free exchange of information and affordable access to sustainable energy have the potential to solve the critical issues of poverty and education, and inspire peace.”