Three Questions with the Candidates: Yue Kuo

Three questions with the candidates: Yue KuoThe 2018 Society elections are upon us and ECS wants you to learn more about the candidates from the candidates.

About ECS elections

The early months of each year are an exciting time here at ECS as officer elections take place via electronic proxy in the two-month period from January 15 to March 15, 2018. Elected officers constitute the organization’s executive committee and include the following positions: president, three vice presidents, secretary and treasurer. The nominating committee determines the candidates and you determine the winner.

Three Questions with the Candidates allows you a personal glimpse of each volunteer on the current ballot. There is a total of five candidates (one for president and two each for vice president and treasurer). Take a moment to read the full candidate biography and election statement. And then enjoy their reflections on ECS and the marvel that is science.

Three questions with YUE KUO, candidate for president of ECS.

Office of the president

With an established working knowledge and understanding of how the society functions (including the publications, meetings, and constituent services areas, awards programs, committee interaction, bylaws, etc.), the president serves as the chief volunteer of the organization, chair of the executive committee, and chair of the board of directors, with all the commonly accepted powers of these positions. The ECS President is the only single person authorized to speak for and on behalf of the organization’s governing body.

We urge you to cast your vote today!

PS: Listen to three questions with the ECS candidates for vice president.


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