Electrodeposition Division Research Award

The Electrodeposition Division Research Award was established in 1979 to recognize outstanding research contributions to the field of electrodeposition and to encourage the publication of high quality papers in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society.

Nomination Period: October 15 – January 15, annually
Presented: Fall meeting, annually

Recipient qualifications

Only current members of the Electrochemical Society and the Electrodeposition division may be considered for this award.

The recipient will have made some recent outstanding achievement in, or contribution to, the field of electrodeposition. The award will be given to an author or co-authors of a paper or papers, at least one of which must have appeared in the Journal or other ECS publications, reporting this new achievement. As supporting evidence, the patent literature may also enter into consideration if the achievement has been made the subject of letters of patent by the author(s).

The importance and significance of the achievement or contribution will be judged on the basis of the paper(s) in which it is reported. In order to be considered, the paper(s) should be distinguished by the following:

  • originality of concept of design of experiments
  • scientific excellence as related to the experimental thoroughness, theoretical treatment and logic of conclusions
  • clarity of presentation
  • overall importance of the contribution to the fundamental and/or applied aspects of electrodeposition

The award consists of a scroll, a US $2,000 prize, and an ELDP Division Business Luncheon ticket. If the award is made jointly to two or more co-recipients, duplicate citations and luncheon tickets will be presented to each recipient. The cash award, however, will remain unchanged and will be equally divided among the award recipients.


Nikolay Dimitrov
Noam Eliaz
Daniel Josell
Krishnan Rajeshwar
Nosang Myung
Stanko Brankovic
Stephen Maldonado
Daniel Schwartz
Alan C. West
Daniel Lincot
Hariklia Deligianni

Philippe Allongue
Takayuki Homma
John Stickney
Olaf Magnussen
Ibro Tabakovic
Thomas P. Moffat
Philip N. Bartlett
John Dukovic
Jay Switzer
Dieter Kolb
H. Honma

Rene Winand
Madhav Datta
Mordechay Schlesinger
T. Osaka
D. Landolt
M. J. Froment
P. C. Andricacos
R. E. White
T. C. Franklin
S. Nakahara
D. S. Lashmore

H. Y. Cheh
J. P. Hoare
H. Leidheiser
J. W. Dini
H. R. Johnson
L. T. Romankiw
R. J. von Gutfeld
R. C. Alkire
E. B. Budevski
Y. Okinaka
R. Weil