237th ECS Meeting with IMCS 2020 Topic Close-up: Dielectrics for Nanosystems 8: Materials Science, Processing, Reliability, and Manufacturing

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December 2, 2019
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Topic Close-up #5

Symposium D01: Dielectrics for Nanosystems 8: Materials Science, Processing, Reliability, and Manufacturing

Symposium focus:

The eighth edition of the Dielectrics for Nanosystems symposium, sponsored by the Dielectric Science and Technology Division, will be held at the 237th ECS meeting. The symposium, which started at the 206th ECS Meeting in Hawaii in 2004, is being held after a gap of four years. It will outline the role of dielectrics in research areas of advanced nanosystems involving electronic, optical, magnetic, mechanical, biological, and chemical systems, including sensing devices and energy sources. Dielectric materials and processing for devices based on nanowires, nanotubes, 2D semiconductors, and dielectric materials for high temperature, energy savings, and harvesting applications will be discussed. Novel topological insulators of interest, which may lead to new nanosystem applications, will be reviewed along with traditional areas of semiconductor processing.

For the first time, a special session on data driven dielectrics is planned. Data driven materials science, which opens the door to discovering new and innovative materials, has gained prominence lately. This method can be applied to dielectric materials. A database is prepared by automatic calculation and virtual screening is achieved using the database by machine learning. Then, high throughput real screening is performed for the candidates to find a new dielectric. In this session, we demonstrate the workflow for new dielectrics, and display the discovery.

Invited Speakers: Speakers invited from United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, and Canada are confirmed.


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