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Delegates from the 6th Annual India Section School held in December 2017.

ECS sections serve an integral role within the Society. Many sections offer opportunities for members and student members to connect with their regional peers and host local symposia/meetings. Like our divisions, the sections help to serve the mission of ECS.

The Society provides services for sections to assist with marketing, meeting registration, and member recruitment. The services available are:

• Online meeting registration
• Discounted publication of section meeting proceedings in ECS Transactions.
• Provide quarterly financial statements
• Process reimbursements from section accounts
• Marketing through branded emails, weekly eNews, ECS Redcat Blog, and social media
• Assist with recruitment/retention of section members

Sections are also encouraged to publish updates about their activity in the Society’s quarterly magazine, Interface. Publishing section news promotes the activities of section members to the Society.

Scott Smith from the ECS Canada Section used many of the services offered when planning the Canada Section’s spring 2018 meeting.

Smith says, “ECS staff were always available and quick to offer support for any issues that arose. From setting the event’s registration to collecting the registration fees, everything was done with the utmost ease. I have continued to receive positive feedback from the meeting regarding the simplicity for all attendees to register for the event as well as the ease of completing multiple reimbursements, including student award distribution, after the event. I have and will continue to highly recommend utilizing all of these services to all future ECS organizers.”
We encourage our members to get involved with our sections. There are 23 ECS sections around the world:

Arizona Section – Candace Kay Chan, Chair
Brazil Section – Ernesto Pereira, Chair
Canada Section – Bradley Easton, Chair
Chicago Section – Alan Zdunek, Chair
Chile Section – Jose H. Zagal, Chair
China Section – Yong Yao Xia, Chair
Cleveland Section – Heidi B. Martin, Chair
Detroit Section – Srikanth Arisetty, Chair
Europe Section – Petr Vanýsek, Chair
Georgia Section – Seung Woo Lee, Chair
India Section – Vijayamohanan K. Pillai, Chair
Israel Section – Daniel Mandler, Chair
Japan Section – Hiroshi Iwai, Chair
Korea Section – Won-Sub Yoon, Chair
Mexico Section – Carlos Frontana Vázquez, Chair
National Capital Section – Eric D. Wachsman, Chair
New England Section – Sanjeev Mukerjee, Chair
Pittsburgh Section – Clifford W. Walton, Chair
San Francisco Section – Yarik Syzdek, Chair
Singapore Section – Qingui Yan, Chair
Taiwan Section – Nick Wu, Chair
Texas Section – Jeremy P. Meyers, Chair
Twin Cities Section – Peter Zhang, Chair

Contact CustomerService@electrochem.org to join a section!


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