Call for Papers: Heterogeneous Functional Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

Submission Deadline: October 23, 2019

Submit your manuscripts to the Journal of The Electrochemical Society Focus Issue on Heterogeneous Functional Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage.

About the focus issue

This special issue focuses on Heterogeneous Functional Materials (HeteroFoaMs), which are pervasive in electrochemical devices. These devices consist of multiple materials combined at multiple scales (from atomic to macro) that actively interact during their functional history in a manner that controls their collective performance as a system at the global level. The principal motivation for this special issue will be to provide a forum to discuss the science that controls emergent properties in heterogeneous functional materials as a foundation for design of functional material devices with performance not bounded by constituent properties.

Reviews, perspectives, and research papers are considered in the following topics of interest, but are not limited to:

  • Novel modeling approaches to elucidate fundamental phenomena in 3-D microstructures
  • Advanced 3-D imaging and characterization techniques
  • New constitutive theory to correlate material properties to performance
  • Advanced material synthesis and manufacturing methods to create highly ordered microstructures
  • New concepts for the design of novel materials for electrochemical applications
  • Applications of heterogeneous functional materials in devices for energy conversion and storage

The electrochemical science that makes such technologies work rests on our knowledge and understanding of the science that controls that functionality of such materials, and the design of new HeteroFoaMs to enable new devices, or improve the performance of existing devices.

All papers published in this focus issue will be OPEN ACCESS at NO COST to the authors! *

Submission Deadline | October 23, 2019

Be sure to specify your submission is for the JES Focus Issue Heterogeneous Functional Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage.

Papers accepted for this focus issue are published online within 10 days of acceptance. The issue will be created online as the articles are accepted, with the final article published in April 2020.

JES Technical Editors

Doron Aurbach
Bar-Ilan University

David E. Cliffel
Vanderbilt University

Thomas F. Fuller
George Institute of Technology

Guest Editors

Wilson K. S. Chiu
University of Connecticut

Srikanth Gopalan
Boston University

Nian Liu
George Institute of Technology

Vito Di Noto
University of Padova

Alice H. Suroviec
Berry College

*ECS is waiving the article processing charge (APC) as part of the Society’s Free the Science initiative.

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