DOE Benchmark Study Seeks Input on Future of International Scientific Research at 239th ECS Meeting

A special livestream event at the 239th ECS Meeting with IMCS18 features representatives of a subcommittee of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Basic Energy Science Advisory Committee (BESAC) reporting on research and requesting input on the future of international scientific research. “Benchmarking Innovation: The Future of International Scientific Research” takes place on June 1, from 1400-1500h EDT after which the content will be available through June 26, 2021. The 239th ECS Meeting with IMCS18 is digital. There is no cost to participate, however pre-registration is required.

Benchmark Study

The BESAC subcommittee is conducting an international benchmark study with the goal of identifying key areas of its mission-relevant research and facility capabilities in which U.S. leadership is most challenged. The presenters will also advise participants on new ways to leverage limited resources and identify incentives to attract and retain scientific talent. The session includes a live panel discussion and moderated Q&A.


The Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (BESAC) provides independent advice to the Department of Energy on the Basic Energy Sciences (BES) which supports basic scientific research to lay the foundations for new energy technologies and advance DOE missions in energy, environment, and national security. BES is one of the largest U.S. sponsors of physical sciences research including funding basic science at nearly 170 universities, national laboratories, and other research institutions. BES built and supports the network of shared research facilities at DOE national laboratories. These are open to all scientists and used annually by over 16,000 scientists and engineers. Advisory committee members are drawn from universities, national laboratories, and industries involved in energy-related scientific research.

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