ECS Special Events

Live topical sessions

Twice daily, Sunday through Thursday
1100-1300h EDT / 1700-1900h CEST / 0000-0200h +1 JST
1900-2100h EDT / 0100-0300h +1 CEST / 0800-1000h +1 JST

Come and meet with us twice every day as the various ECS symposia hold video breakout sessions featuring live presentations, question and answer opportunities, topical discussions, and more.

Check the online program for individual session details.

Opening ceremony

Sunday, May 30, 1400-1430h EDT
Sunday, May 30, 2000-2030h CEST
Monday, May 31, 0300-0330 JST

Join us as we kick off the 239th ECS Meeting! Come and help celebrate our partnership with IMCS, the centennial of the H-TEMP division, the launch of our new journals, and more!

The ECS Plenary Lecture

Rodney S. Ruoff,Nanocarbons, Metal Foils, and…

Monday, May 31, 2100-2200h EDT
Tuesday, June 1 0300-0400h CEST
Tuesday, June 1, 1000-1100 JST

The plenary lecture is one of the highlighted events of the meeting, bringing participants together from every symposia to learn from some of the greatest minds in the field. Be included as Rodney Ruoff of Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology (UNIST) presents the 239th ECS Meeting Plenary Lecture.

Benchmarking Innovation: The Future of International Scientific Research

Tuesday, June 1, 1400-1500h EDT
Tuesday, June 1, 2000-2100h CEST
Wednesday, June 2, 0300-0400 JST

A subcommittee of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Basic Energy Science Advisory Committee (BESAC) is conducting an international benchmark study with the goal of identifying key areas of its mission-relevant research and facility capabilities in which U.S. leadership is most challenged. Join this special livestream event to learn the committee’s preliminary findings as they advise on new ways to leverage limited resources and identify incentives to attract and retain scientific talent. The session includes a live panel discussion and moderated Q&A to enable the broader international community to provide input to subcommittee representatives.

ECS Annual Society Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, June 2, 1400-1500h EDT
Wednesday, June2, 2000-2100h CEST
Thursday, June 3, 0300-0400 JST

Though 2020 was a year of many challenges, ECS managed to not just survive, but also thrive. Close out the week with us as we look back on the accomplishments of 2020, celebrate the achievements of our distinguished award winners, and look forward to future breakthroughs in electrochemistry and solid state science.

ECS Allen J. Bard Award in Electrochemical Science Address

Thursday, June 3, 0900-1000h EDT
Thursday, June 3, 1500-1600h CEST
Thursday, June 3, 2200-2300 JST 

Hear the 2021 Allen J. Bard Award winner’s lecture, “Electrochemistry of Platinum: New Views on an Old Problem,” by Marc Koper of Leiden University.     

ECS Gordon E. Moore Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Solid State Science & Technology Address

Thursday, June 3, 2100-2200h EDT
Friday, June 3, 0300-0400h CEST
Friday, June 3, 1000-1100 JST 

Listen to the 2021 Gordon E. Moore Award winner’s lecture, “Impact of Micro-/Nano-Electronics, Miniaturization Limit, and Technology Development for the Next 10 Years and After,” by Hiroshi Iwai of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University.