ECS Detroit Section Presents “Lithium Metal Anode Licerion Batteries for Electric Vehicles: NiMH, Li-Ion, and What Comes Next”

The ECS Detroit Section invites you to join Michael Fetcenko for his webinar on Thursday, March 3, 2022.

Date: Thursday, March 3, 2022
Time: 1900h EST
Cost: Free


Michael Fetcenko
Executive Chairman, Sion Power

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NiMH and Li-Ion were commercialized in 1991, representing the first new rechargeable battery systems in over 100 years. This presentation discusses the technical challenges overcome in taking NiMH technology from lab scale to high volume manufacture with a special emphasis on failure analysis and fundamental breakthroughs to the SEI layer for power and cycle life. The nickel hydroxide-based cathodes for NiMH became the precursors for the NCM cathodes used in present day Li-Ion and Li-Metal technologies. A discussion of the NCM microstructure challenges needed for stability and power is discussed, including the successful enforcement and licensing of these NCM cathodes by Argonne and BASF.

The main focus of the presentation is a technical update on Sion Power’s lithium metal anode Licerion battery technology, including scale-up to large format 6 and 17 Ah cells and batteries. A review of performance in areas such energy, power, fast charge, cycle life and safety is provided, along with a discussion of commercialization status.

Michael Fetcenko
Michael Fetcenko

Michael Fetcenko

Michael Fetcenko is Executive Chairman of Sion Power, a leader in advanced ultra-high energy lithium battery systems including protected metallic lithium anodes for Li-Ion batteries. He has been in the battery industry for 42 years. Fetcenko was President of Ovonic Battery Company, the inventor of NiMH batteries, when Ovonic was acquired by BASF. Before taking on Director of Global Licensing responsibilities, he was Managing Director of BASF Battery Materials. Fetcenko is an inventor with over 70 patents and 100 publications in the NiMH and Li-Ion field. An expert in patents and licensing, he has over 40 NiMH licenses and leads the successful Argonne National Laboratory NCM patent enforcement and licensing effort which resulted in 14 licenses and sub-licenses. His inventions are used in all NiMH batteries for consumer, stationary, and hybrid vehicle applications such as the iconic Toyota Prius with over 25 million vehicles on the road. He has worked with Sion Power for 10 years, serving on the Board of Directors and Technical Steering Committee, and for the last three years as Executive Chairman.

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